King is a majestic chandelier of significant proportions which intersects the boundaries of art and design. King is formed of individual brushed metal leaves which have been folded, tapered and brushed by hand to create multiple tiered rings, each concealing a hidden illuminated glow which envelopes the golden leaves, casting shadows and light. A sculpture in its own right, King was originally envisioned around the character of the King of Salem in ‘The Alchemist’ book and the legend of King Arthur, hence its crown-like appearance. Its medieval characteristics have been fused with a semblance of brutalism, which makes King striking when dimmed and resplendent when illuminated.

 Produced in two sizes including the Large at 90cm (35.5 inches) diameter and the Extra Large at 1.2m (47.25 inches), King is the crowning glory of the Alchemist collection.